Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Announcement: Making a Blog Move!

My blog is moving!

Over the next few months, I will be migrating and redirecting my content to...

Why not just BryceKozla? That's Caleb's and my old wedding website and I'm just too vain to let go of it.

I turned 35 this past year and I was totally not prepared for what that feels like and I may write some overly confessional article about it sometime, but probably not.

I have a "skin care regimen" and floss every day, though. I also eat vegetables multiple time a week, on purpose.I wanted to make sure YOU knew that I know what defines a grownup.

Comparing videos I made for a course in October with ones I made in 2014, I realized that I think- I THINK-I finally lost the last of the baby-ness in my face.

2014: Bryce with long, dyed red hair that's growing out, wearing a hoodie.
Bryce has a smirk, having been caught mid-sentence in a screencap.

2017: Bryce with shorter brown hair, wearing a hoodie.
Bryce has also been caught mid-sentence, but is smiling.
Okay, so maybe not so much. The 2017 screen-cap was taken in our spare bedroom that I've turned into a makeshift home office, so I'm actually sitting in a swivel chair at a table. The 2014 screen-cap was taken in our bedroom in La Crosse. I'm sitting cross-legged on a bed.

So, you know, some changes, regardless.

ANYWAY: Hopefully, the new website will be an archive of reader favorites from this blog while holding the capacity to grow and change as I mid-career around. Who even knows.

Some logistical stuff:
-continuing to host for free was a conscious decision:  While I'm not in a position to do extracurricular work for free much anymore, I want my blog's address to be a reminder that the content of my blog, as-is, is a no-cost resource. Please reach out and let me know if I can do something else for you-- I'll see if I can make it work!
-you won't lose your Pins: I've been assured by Pinterest staff that the type of redirect I'll be using for my old links won't be affected by the move. Yaay! This was truly the one thing that kept me from moving years ago--I wanted to make sure you all had what you needed.
-Feedly also shouldn't be a problem for a little bit: I'm intending to dual-publish if I can, just in case. UPDATE: Here's the follow page for Feedly.
-To ensure no interruption of my content on your feed, be sure to add brycekozlablog dot blogspot dot com to your preferred reader. If you follow by email using Feedburner, you can subscribe here.

I'm also pretty pumped to say that I'll be partnering with Chris at On a Roll Designs  to make an updated header! That's not an affiliate link or anything; I just like to support badass fellow ceeps wherever I can!

And if you end up completely forgetting about this, don't worry: 1) that's what redirects are for, 2)expect a few more reminders before it's all redirected, and 3) I'm sure we'll find each other again, someday.*

As the move is happening, look forward to some brewing posts on youth services and workplace culture. Also, we've got a few posts coming up from the amazingly creative Jennifer!

*No, I am NOT sorry for that.

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