Wednesday, April 05, 2017

The Social Model of Disability in the Children's Area: ALSC Blog

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Today I'm honored to introduce the community of readers at the ALSC blog to the social model of disability.  Framing your considerations with the social model of disability in mind can completely change the way we think about our space and service. I look forward to opportunities to dive in further in the future!

New here?
--Like a good rant? Here's a few I've written.
--I also run my mouth a lot about child management.
--Over the years I've shared a lot about my youth services programming. You can take a look at my traditional programming as well as my passive programming, which usually has stuff you can print off and do yourself.
--Lately I've been more into research in trauma and using that to inform our work.

Old here? Have some more ideas on passive programs you can run with little-to-no prep? Head on over to ALSC blog and share in the comments!

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