Monday, April 17, 2017

Perspective of an Autistic Children's Librarian at the ALSC Blog

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I am so, so excited to share that there is an #actuallyautistic perspective on the ALSC blog. This has been a nearly a decades-old wish come true. I want to thank ALSC blog coordinator Mary Voors for her thoughtful consideration through this process, and the autistic librarian contributor--writing under the name Justin Spectrum-- for sharing their story.

New here?
--Like a good rant? Here's a few I've written.
--I also run my mouth a lot about child management.
--Over the years I've shared a lot about my youth services programming. You can take a look at my traditional programming as well as my passive programming, which usually has stuff you can print off and do yourself.
--Lately I've been more into research in trauma and using that to inform our work.

Old here? Have some more ideas on passive programs you can run with little-to-no prep? Head on over to ALSC blog and share in the comments!

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