Thursday, September 29, 2016

Building a Better (?) Summer Reading

View of mountains and water from the
conference center
This week I had the pleasure of travelling to the absolutely stunning Columbia River Gorge to talk to the participants of the Oregon Library Support and Development Services Focus on Children and Young Adults Institute  (for brevity, named “The Focus Institute”).  This professional development opportunity takes place on even-numbered years and is attended nearly exclusively by non-MLIS library staff from small libraries, and has inspired the creation of similar programs in other states.

As I told attendees, I use a question mark after “better” because while I shared what’s worked for me, and we were going to try some things, I don’t think of any of the material as a do-all-end-all.  We did, however, get a jump start on our planning for SRP right there in the room.

The 2-hour presentation had three parts, some of which was structured similarly to the SRP presentation I gave in February 2014 in Wisconsin. These were:

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Power of Validation

A tiny goat wearing a sweater
(Note: All images on this post will be decorative pictures of baby goats. Because.)

A few days ago, it was the one-year anniversary of my blog post “It’s Always Been Done That Way.”
At the time, writing that piece and posting it in public, where people might see, was one of the scariest things I have ever done in my entire life.

Would I be completely skewered?

Would think-pieces be written and completely misrepresent what I said in favor of complaining about something else?

Twenty minutes after posting, a librarian I admire and who has like, three times the Twitter followers I do tweeted out the link. My initial response was shaking terror. I breathed through it, and realized that the exact type of shame I talked about in the post was the same shame that I was feeling right then.

So I tweeted about that, too.

And I continue to do scary things.