Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The 'Made It Through' Awards

Ribbons that say, "I put pants on today" and "adulting honorable mention"
There are a lot of awards in library-land. While they're there to commend brilliant work, it can often make the rest feel like we're not good enough, not shiny enough. And sometimes, it's enough for many library staff just to get through the day.

I decided we need some acknowledgement of the everyday things that keep our workplaces moving along. And I'm calling them the "Made it Through" awards.

I created these images in Credly, but the logistics of giving them to other people or claiming them was more time than I felt like spending. so I took screen-caps and turned them into .JPGs.  Scroll to the bottom for the direct link to the Google Drive folder, or right-click to save.


Productive conversation! More text below
Productive Conversation: Congratulations on having a really tough but productive conversation! That can be really hard. Whether it was a tough confrontation, or a simple conversation to help keep a working relationship with a coworker, your contribution is appreciated by your community.

Great Email! More text below.
Great Email: Congratulations! You managed to write an email that was not passive-aggressive, terse, or condescending. Great work fostering trust in your team!

Meeting Survival! More text below.
Meeting Survival: Congratulations on attending a dreaded meeting. If you showed emotion, it is not a sign of weakness. There is strength in vulnerability. Thank you for caring so much about your work!

Kept Your Cool! More text below.
Kept Your Cool: Did you encounter a jerky patron (adult or child)? An incendiary coworker? Congratulations on keeping your cool under a stressful situation. You're awesome.

PLN Reach Out. More text below.
PLN Reach-Out: Are you or someone you know having a bad day? Congratulations on reaching out to a member of you Professional Learning Network . GIFs, jokes, or epic rants; commiserating with professionals you know, trust, and are removed from your current situation can help you feel less alone and/or isolated.

Google Drive folder: Click here for badges

Happy badging! What other activities we do to make it through deserve an award?


  1. Ack, I love these. You are my hero. :)

  2. Being "Voluntold" to do x. Something like, Congratulations for completing x in an efficient manner even though you'd planned to do something else today, and/or showing up and completing the task with integrity, despite its unappreciated beginning.