Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Quick tips: Daily Vroom Early Literacy App

Yesterday was the first day of the second run of Child Development, Library Space and Behavior. Every week of the course, I include one "quick tip" video that can be used right away to help with behavior.

This is also the beginning of an otherwise busy season for me, but I want to keep writing as it has done me good and will do me good; and I say, god bless it! (...any other Christmas Carol nerds out there in cyberland? Any RENT nerds chuckle at my use of the word "cyberland"?) So I figured where I can I'll share a "quick tip" that's been useful to me lately at work.

Today I want to share a wonderful app that you and your family patrons can access for free: Daily Vroom.

I had to invent a child, you see.

Ari Wubbold, Oregon Vroom Coordinator, says;

"Vroom was developed by the top researchers in child development to provide parents and caregivers with an all access pass into their expertise at the simple click of a button. Vroom opens a portal into the best practices leading childhood development researchers have to offer! Parents and caregivers are empowered to maximize the time they already spend with their children through mindfully crafted activities based on reliable expertise. Every parent has what it takes to be a brain builder and Vroom utilizes technology and its trusted messengers to deliver this essential message. In this way, Vroom is not just an app, but a movement to increase early childhood brain architecture."

Here is how it works:
-Download the app available on iTunes, the Google play store, and Kindle Fire.
-Plug in your child's info (or make something up, like Optimus Prime, age 2, above)
-Start discovering new opportunities daily to engage your children in a specifically developmentally appropriate way
-Want more info? Each tip includes the science behind the activity, if you want it
-Earn digital badges !

You can set Daily Vroom to "ding" at a certain time each day, or you can pick an activity for what you're doing at the moment (going for a walk, getting dressed, bathtime, at the store, etc).

In the event that your community lacks the access for such a privilege as an app, PDFs are available for download to use with your family patrons and in storytime.

All materials are available in English and in Spanish!

And now for the sweetest promotional video you'll see all day:

See other Vroom tips on the Vroom Youtube page.

This is also a great app to share during parent outreach. helping families get connected to early literacy before even stepping foot in the library!

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  1. Awesome! And yes, got both your references, and chuckled. :)