Friday, June 12, 2015

Kid Lab: Superhero Writing Prompts

Last year we had a Stories in Action table; this year, kids can make their own pictures to hang up based on the Write/Draw component of the Summer Game Cards in our new elementary school literacy area called the Kid Lab. I was inspired to create this after years of talking about it because of Holly's Exploration Station.

While it'd be nice to have something fancier, for now all it entails is a table, some signage made in Canva, and an extra rolling cart we happened to have. Right now there are writing prompts that change weekly, but as a Lab there could be other activities going on in the future.

This year, the Write/Draw questions each week revolve around the kids considering themselves as heroes. The point was that by the end of them summer they'll have a fleshed out super hero persona!

Here are the questions, so you can put together a writing prompt station of your own:

They all start with:
If you were a superhero....
1. What would your name be?

2. What would your superpowers be?
Relevant super power for the NBA finals!
3. What would you look like?

4. How did you get your powers?

5. What villains would you fight?

6. Who would your sidekick be?

7. What would your day look like?

8. Can you be a superhero without super powers?

9. What kinds of people are real-life heroes? Are you?

When the kids are done, they put their drawings in the bottom drawer of the cart if they want them to be hung up. We have quite the wall of superhero art already!

Want some ready-made, not-very-well-designed prompts? Email me at brycedontplay at gmail dot come and I'll gladly send them along. Or you can just pair these questions with Rebecca and Bruce's hero pictures!

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