Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Awesome New-to-Me Blogs

It's my 4 year blog-iversary! I've come a long way since my very first post in which I read Flat Stanley. Not many librarians were here for my first premise, which was to read and blog my way through our entire collection of early chapter books with snark and moxie. A valiant goal, to be sure, but at least it got me writing. Now I write about programming, research, and philosophy with a little less snark and a comparable amount of moxie. Maybe a little less. I was in my 20s when I started this blog, after all.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone who reads my little corner of the web, shares what works for them, and/or writes blogs of their own.

Since I know my blog wouldn't be as successful as it is without some linking from blogs who had already been blogging for awhile, like Marge and Anne (I still remember when Anne linked to my first Iron First post and I had 400 views in a day, on a weekend, when the day before I'd had like 30. Not that page counts actually matter or prove engagement, which is why you'll never find me talking about them. Except, like, right now, of course. Like you expect me to NOT contradict myself in two sentences. What are you, new here?), I figured there's no better way to celebrate my 4 year anniversary of my blog than with a few new/new-to-me/new-to-the-world blogs I've added to my RSS feed. Follow them all! Give them love! Three word phrases!

Anyway, here we go, in absolutely no order, except the one that has come about from linear organization of thought:

Mallory Tells Stories: Still with its New-Blog-Smell, Mallory's blog is in its fourth month. Her World Records program, which was also her very first post, inspired me to revisit and revamp my ol' Wild Records program and give it a fresh glean for the summer.

The LibraryKart:  Ali's blogged so far half about reviews and half about programming. I love the insight she provides to her programming so you feel like you're along for the ride. Her Snow Week post is a great example (and has some awesome ideas!)

From the Liberry of...: Jess's blog here cracks me up, which you all know is the way to my heart. She intersperses storytimes and programming with posts like this about pranking, and I have to admit I LOLed IRL at her "cunning idea for a prize." Though I guess I was imagining the exchange happening with props.

They Call Me Miss Carolyn:  Carolyn's a prolific blogger, with 29 entries in 2015 so far (I have like 7. Maybe?) She's got a lot to chew on: life thoughts, reviews, tips, programs, and self reflections like this post.

Tales from the Nerdy: I used Nat's Minecraft Mania post to help inform my Minecraft party. Which I have yet to write about, sorry. Also, she ran a TMNT party which made me run one. Which I have yet to write about, sorry.

Literacious: Laura talks programs and storytimes; and she also loves a good, thoughtful, wondering or resources-sharing post-- and you can find all those under the tab called "Get EDUCATED", a title that I find especially delightful for its play with all caps: DO IT. GET EDUCATED, PEOPLE. At any rate, those posts are my favorites of hers, as well.

Let the Wild Rumpus Start: This is Holly's new blog, and I've met her in real life and you should probably be jealous of me. She's already blogged a wide range of programming, many with a STEM focus. This post on translating NaNoWriMo for the Children's area is getting me pumped for possibilities for an elementary literacy area. I bet we have a typewriter downstairs!

Happybrarian Happyblog: Can you just not help but smile reading that name? Alex is another Wisconsin librarian who's started blogging programming and storytimes. If this bubble program is any indication, good things will come for those who follow her posts!

One for the Books:  Laura's held three jobs since she started her blog about a year ago and she's blogged all her ups and downs. She blogs programming, tidbits, and more, and she does it all with a sharp wit. I love the unBlock she made for when she just feels stuck.
Just for you, Laura, since you don't like GIFs! (I pay attention sometimes)

I'm always looking for new blogs to follow! Have a great blog I might not know about? Follow any new favorite blogs? Add them in the comments!


  1. Happy anniversary! Thanks for introducing me to some new blogs.

  2. Happy Blog-aversary! Thanks for highlighting my blog, I really appreciate it and thanks for introducing me to a few new ones to add to my PLN!

  3. (is it still appropriate to say squee?) SQUEE! Thanks so much for featuring my in your blog! I very much enjoy reading yours for your wit and insight and thanks for the other blog suggestions!

  4. Thanks for listing my blog! I'm VERY new to all this and thanks to you I now feel I am not just talking to a cyber wall, so to speak! I love the other blog suggestions as well. It's great we all have this platform to share ideas in our profession!