Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thrive Thursday School Age Blog Hop Placeholder for 7/3/14

I'm happy to say that I'm hosting the Thrive Thursday School Age Round-up for July. Want to know more about Thrive Thursday created by Lisa Shaia? Check out past round ups at Thrive After Three. Make sure you don't miss a thing by following the Pinterest Board and Facebook group!

Thrive Thursday is all about school age programming! I know you all are doing great stuff for summer time. Link to programs in the comments and I'll round them up!

Interested in doing a guest post? My blog is always open. Email me at brycedontplay at gmail dot com and I'll set you up!

The deadline for entries is July 3rd.  That gives you 2 whole weeks to come up with something--anything!-- you're doing. Remember, link to programs in the comments here and I'll make a round up.

(Also, since it's my round up, I'm also looking for your favorite GIFs to help us through Summer Reading.)