Wednesday, June 18, 2014

SLP Stories in Action Table

Late last year we lost our fish tables (tables that looked like fish; not made of fish or specifically for fish), which meant that my space for the Story Action Pods went away. As I was brainstorming a new place for it, I thought about covering one of the tables we already had with butcher paper so kids could draw directly on it,  like some family restaurants do (I don't know which ones those are now, but there was one in Tallahassee Mall that did that. a Ryan's?). Exactly two days later, Rebecca at Hafuboti posted her Table Top Time inspired by Mo Willems, which gave me the courage to try it out... eventually.

No matter what I write here, you're going to be watching that GIF still, so I might as well accept that.

"Eventually" became Summer Reading, where every week we ask the kids to write or draw something as part of their gamecard. Now, they can do that at the library!

Giraffe-a saurus

"I would be a dog because everybody would be
giving me back muscles [read: massages] all the time."

This station will change every week throughout Summer, and I'll post the prompts here as we go. Feel free to download them and use them at your library!
Week 1: What was the last book you read?
Week 2: If you were an animal, what would you be?
Week 3: Did you read a Mystery Book? (learn more about this insanely easy and popular library game from the brain of Marge here!)


  1. We must be kindred spirits because my dept. and I came up with THAT EXACT SAME IDEA!! I was bemoaning the fact that any kind of tablecloth on our summer reading table gets ripped and icky and then someone was like "what if we drew on it?" and I was like "oooh, ant tunnels!" cuz, um, I had lots of dark brown butcher paper. And then I was like "Diary of a Reader!" and my associate was like "I can make that work" and now we've gotten two so far - Who do you read with (lots of charming pictures of families) and "Where do you read" (lots of pictures of schools and the occasional bunkbed)

  2. We came to this concept by accident. We started covering our craft table with brown kraft paper when we got tired of scrubbing the glue off of it. Boy, were we surprised when we came in one morning to find the teens had discovered the table and covered the paper with fantastic artwork!