Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Work With Me Here! (For Real)

We are looking for a new Youth Services Librarian!

So I basically was going to copy the post that got Brooke to apply, because I really just want to say all that again. So go read reasons.

The application period ends May 2, so get going and apply!

Here are some additional reasons:

1. We are awesome and super fun.  For evidence of that, here is photographic evidence of a thing that actually happened:

...AND another one:

2. La Crosse is the best. Okay, so I mentioned this in the other post, But I really want to add that you should check out the following video from Wisconsin Public Television because it pretty much sums up everything:

3. Our patrons need you. And you'll need a strong heart to work here. We're the fourth largest city in Wisconsin, but we rank second in the state for the greatest number of children living below the poverty line. What we do in our Children's Room truly makes a difference whether our community's children grow up reading-ready, and if they become regular patrons once they go on one of our field trip adventures. We not only are responsible for breaking down the "authoritative" and "exclusivity" barriers of a library for families, but we also work to foster healthy adult-child relationships through setting clear and attainable expectations. If you're up for a challenge that can get tough at times but is rewarding in spades forever, please apply for this position.

What are you waiting for? "Hell or No Glory." What is literally the worst thing that could possibly happen, if you apply? You get rejected? Dude, people get rejected every day. You would get the job and have to move? So what? The interview process is a lot of work? I assure you, it's worth every second. Nothing is guaranteed unless you decide not to apply-- then, you know you WON'T get the job.
Bottom line: So what? Lock it Up.

Get on over to our website and apply already! Don't worry about the "print application" at the bottom. Just a resume, references and cover letter to Marge is all you need!

Need more convincing? Check out this exclamation-pointed post by Brooke or email me at brycedontplay at gmail!


Come join us! We've got so much good work to do together.

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  1. Too bad I'm in love with Connecticut! I'd love to work with you and Marge (and all the other great people on your staff)! Good luck with the interview process. Storytime Underground had some great questions in one of their Storytime Ninja columns. May we meet sometime in person...