Tuesday, January 28, 2014

LEGO Movie Party at the Library

A few weeks ago I held a party to get everyone pumped up about the LEGO movie coming out in February. Promising nothing but watching the trailers and talking about the movie with other LEGO fans, and some playing with LEGO, we had nearly 40 attendees on a sub-zero no-school day (read: they had no other reason to leave their houses, but they came to our program)! I also had WAY more parents come and stay for this than any other program I've held (it was about 2/3 kids) so it made me think that just inviting people of any age to come to a public place and geek out together about their favorite things might be a good idea for a program.

(I might just have adult programming on the brain, too, thanks to Audrey Barbakoff's awesome webinar at the Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference. I collected all the tweets on Storify here. Check out all the great programs, including one about unprogramming by Marge and Amy!)

As an aside, I wonder how much I could charge to live-tweet the shizz out of someone's webinar. You can't multi-task while you live-Tweet. 

Live-Tweeter for Hire.
I'll be all like ...
...all over you webinar about whatever.
Pinky-swear promise. 
(GIFs extra.)

ANYWAY: Here's how the LEGO party program went:
1. We watched 2 trailers for the LEGO movie.
2. We talked about the no-spoiler plot-lines already hinted (the Wikipedia page has that)
3. We played a game called "Who is it?" where I took 4 of the main characters and the kids had to pick, A or B, which actor do you think plays that LEGO figure? (I had adults playing too, which was sucky because they already knew the answers, because the trailers tell you. I'm telling you though, they were INTO THIS.) (this game was improved upon from my original idea by my coworker Sherri. My original idea was to have the kids say whether or not they thought the actor looked like the minifig, which was lame).
4. We made something that could be a part of the LEGO movie universe. Sherri was at the desk to give out awards: "Master Builder of... whatever the patron says it is!"
Have you thought about having a LEGO movie party? Want to spruce up a LEGO day in the near future? 
LEGO library

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