Thursday, January 09, 2014

It's January, and You're Stellar.

We all know by now (or maybe we don't) that I am not a New Years Resolution maker. Yeah, I get it, I wrote a New Years Resolution thing for you to try-- but in my defense, you can try it at any time (in case that wasn't clear by the title that includes the words "new" and "year" and "resolution". Sorry about that).

Here's my thing with New Years Resolutions, and goals in general for that matter:
1. You make a resolution to be something other than you are.
1. You live your life always looking at the future, and disappointed in things you DIDN'T DO (part of that "starting in the negatives" I mentioned before when talking about being a new hire, but throughout your entire life).
2. Point #1 really sucks, seeing as though your life is CURRENTLY HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. Cue guilt for life "not lived in the moment".
3. To counteract this, you resolve to LIVE RIGHT NOW NO I MEAN NOW NO I MEAN NOW.
4. See #1.

This cycle feeds the Impostor Syndrome Beast really well.  And if that's how you feel when it comes to New Years Resolutions (I know I do), that Turkey Picture up there is just for you.
Cory and me AT SPACE CAMP.
(Yes I brought a Chewbacca bag to Space Camp)
New Years Resolutions are so weird to me because they seem a) obligatory and b) about what you THINK you SHOULD want to happen, not what you're actually doing, or even what you want to actually happen (and what you're doing is awesome, I'll tell you that much). At New Years it's not enough that you're rocking at your job, or being a kick-ass person, or whatever happens for the rest of the year. Everything is telling you that you need to do more. Or something else, elser than you are now.

If you actually put a priority on weight loss, or cleaning your house, or saving money, or some side work project that will make you Best Internet Librarian, you would already be doing it. You might even do it some other time, when whatever kick-ass thing you're involved in that is making these things LESS of a priority goes away or gets less intense. But to make a false priority on some arbitrary date will lead to failure.

Start a movement in June, if you want. It'll be unexpected and you're going to rock whenever you start.

(Kendra at Read Sing Play seems to agree with this sentiment. Check out her fresh-for-2014 Baby storytime that she's already tried!)

I had a pretty great 2013. Here's some cool stuff that happened, none of which were particular goals of mine but *GAASPP* actually happened anyway:
Sharing at ALA Guerrilla Storytime
(Thanks Mel for taking this!)

1. Collaborations: from joint blog posts to guests on my blog to guest posting on other blogs to presenting with colleagues near and far, 2013 was the year that solidified my belief that We're Better, Together. I know many feel differently and that's okay, but I love presenting and stuff as part of a team because other people's perspectives can only deepen the message. In 2014, if you're interested in collaborating with me on a presentation or other project, let me know at brycedontplay at gmail (even if you've never presented before! Gotta start somewhere right?!). Schedule is pretty much the only reason I'd say no, because I do have a job.

2. Traveling: 2013 took me from coast (Seattle, WA) to coast (Wallops, VA) for work. On the way I visited 7 different breweries, ate half my weight in local food, and got to spend time with a bunch of librarian friends. OH AND I SAW SOMETHING LAUNCH INTO SPACE AND MET SAM CALAGIONE IN THE SPAN OF 2 DAYS AND SOMEHOW LIVED TO TELL THE TALE.
The fam (by Holmes Photography, Grand Ledge, MI) 

3. Family Time: I actually got to see family members a ton this year, like, 4 WHOLE TIMES. We officially extended our family this year when my sister Anna married her long-term boyfriend/now-husband Roy, who happens to be the former roommate of MY intended, and we're on our way to creating the World's Best Familial Unit. I was her Maid of Honor, and toasted her in the exact spot that a few months earlier I was presenting with my serial GIF-fer in Crime Upstanding Librarianship Anna and the Twitter friend I hadn't met until the day we presented, my Weird Blog Namer in Crime Upstanding Librarianship, Anne.

4. ALA Emerging Leaders: I was supercalafragically ecstatic to find out that I was a part of the Emerging Leaders class of 2013. That was not a goal of mine, and it certainly was not at all expected. But being an Emerging Leader meant I got to do some of that aforementioned traveling and librarian-friend-timing, as well as flex my Adult Learning Theory muscles. Oh, and I was on a trading card. In case you forgot. How could you.

I have some great stuff coming down the pike in 2014, like launching the kindergarten version of Library Stars called Library Sneakers (HOW CUTE IS THAT) with my Officemate in Crime Upstanding Librarianship, Brooke, and some presenting. Other than that, I'll just keep my mind open, and unencumbered by specific goals, so that if an opportunity comes up I'll have the free time and peace of mind to give it the consideration it deserves.
By Fornear Photo, Eagle River WI.
They're the Literal Best.

Oh, and getting married. I mean, whatever about that (But feel free to follow my wedding blog which will be updated periodically and marvel at all the stuff you won't get to do with me, like eat the best sandwiches ever and dance the night away while drinking beer in a really fun place. It may morph into a normal life blog after that, if I feel like it. I may not).

Final inspiration:
There was randomly a sword in their chapel.
(by Holmes Photography, Grand Ledge, MI) 
So now they have pictures with it.
(Sorry Anna these are my By Far Favorite pics of yours <3)

What exciting stuff have you done recently that you're surprised at/pumped about? What might the New Year hold for you?
Have a great New Year, Dear Readers!


  1. I don't feel like my blog is in any way more weirdly named than YOURS.

    And how funny that your sister's reception was in the same ball room. At least you knew how to get there?

  2. I just needed a Partner in Crime in that OKAY?! SO TOMORROW I'm gonna change it.

    ...Actually probably not.

    And good thing about the ballroom location, I agree. BRYCE DON'T PLAY WITH GPS ADJUSTMENTS.

  3. I really enjoyed this post. It's inspiring. I've always felt that way about New Year's Resolutions, but I've never put it into words so well.