Thursday, January 16, 2014

Interview at Children's Book Review

Hi everyone! Today you'll find me over on the Children's Book Review talking about the importance of community partnerships and the awesomeness of Chewbacca.
(ps: tags are Children's Book Review's and not mine)

New here? Here's some places you might want to start:

--First thing's first: Here's WTF is up with my blog's name.
--Like a good rant? Here's a few I've written.
--I also run my mouth a lot about child management.
--I share a lot about my youth services programming. You can take a look at my traditional programming as well as my stealth programming, which usually has stuff you can print off and do yourself.

Old here? Head on over to the Children's Book Review and learn why I want to live in Annette Simon's Robot Zombie Frankenstein. (hint: pie).

You know who else have had interviews with Children's Book Review? Awesome librarians like Amy and Lalitha and NANCY PEARL (for you non-librarians reading, she's the librarian who has her own action figure).

Have a great day!

..... you know using that actual nice picture of me still feels a little off.

That's. Better.


  1. Thanks for your sweet words. We'll share pie with you any time!

  2. WOW thanks! My favorite is French Silk, followed by pecan and real (yellow) FL key lime :)