Thursday, October 03, 2013

Story Action Pod: Halloween Edition!

"Mullet. You know what it is."
An alternate title for this could be: How I dressed as a child's answer to a literacy extension activity for Halloween, and you can too!

Two years ago I created the fastest Story Action Pod I ever produced. I searched my library's catalog for "monsters", and came up with "Even Monsters Need Haircuts" by Matthew McElligot.

And the outcome was hilarious, as demonstrated by the submitted answer to your left.
In fact, I liked it so much, that I went as it for Halloween.

Resemblance: Uncanny
I even wore a sign around my neck that says "Mullet. You know what it is." Because if I didn't then like why even be there. Clearly no one knew what I was supposed to be, but I found it hysterical, and that's all that matters.

ANYWAY! Ready to create your own stealth activity based on this awesome book?
Here's the downloads. As you might notice I omitted "see the desk for colored pencils" and am just putting them out to see how it goes. Also, when they share their creation we're giving them a trick-or-treat, in the form of skull rings from the original Pirates of the Caribbean movie, because hey look an excuse to get rid of Basement Do-Dads from 10 years ago. Also, it helps us track out stealth stats.


Have kids make their own monsters at Matthew McElligot's Monster Machine!


  1. Do you use the in-house acronym "SAP" for Story Action Pods? This is a legitimate question that I wonder frequently.

    At our writing center, we're having kids write their favorite costumes but I really dropped the ball by not making them draw them.

  2. Yep, totally stealing this idea. I am running out of writing center activities. :)

  3. TBH I use it when making notes to myself but no, we actually don't have an acronym for Story Action Pods. One colleague calls it "The Pod", though, which could be catchy.