Tuesday, July 09, 2013

So You Want to be an ALA Emerging Leader

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  1. This is a great post, Sara, and a needed one. I suspect that my writing a blog post titled "ALA is not your mom" while decisions were being made might have been the deciding factor as to why I got in. That... probably is not an option for everyone. ;)

  2. Thanks for commenting, Abby! I loved your "ALA is Not Your Mom" post :)

  3. Thanks for this helpful post. I'm curious---did you hear from anyone over the past year saying, "Yes! I followed your advice & tried to align my application with a sponsor, and sought very high-profile recommendations, and it worked!"

    I'm actually taking your other advice and waiting another year...I'll have two more eligible years left, one with a ALA conference in my own city. I was accepted to the Florida Library Leadership Institute this year, so I'm hoping that maybe as a result of that I'll be able to obtain a high-profile recommendation next year.

    Thanks again for this post. I couldn't find anyone else sharing this kind of insight. :)

  4. Hi Sara--
    Yes, actually! There are two that come to mind off hand. One strengthened their app with this advice after not making it the previous year, and another, Annie Pho, has written her own version of this post to help further! She specifically found telling a story rather than boiler pointing was the way to go. Find it here: http://catladylibrarian.wordpress.com/2014/07/18/writing-your-ala-emerging-leaders-application/

    Congrats on your acceptance to the Florida Library Leadership Institute!

  5. Ooh, this is great! Wonderful to see more of this kind of help from ELs available out there.

    And thank you! I'm excited about the Institute because of the training, application, project-leading, and getting mentored, but I'm also hoping it will look good on an EL application. :)

    One last thing I'm curious if you know anything about...looks like the last two classes of ELs have been around 50 people, as stated on the ALA site. Before that though, looks like they used to be around 80-100. Do you know why they changed this? Were they still figuring out what they wanted the EL program to be, and decided they wanted it smaller? Probably not likely they'd ever change it back?