Monday, April 29, 2013

Time Crunch Librarian

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A few weeks ago I was able to present with Anna (Future Librarian Superhero) and Anne (So Tomorrow) at the Michigan Library Association's Spring Institute in Lansing, MI. Though Anna, Anne and I talk through various social media outlets, I just met Anna in person last May at the WAPL conference, and neither of us had met Anne until the day of the presentation. If you're wondering how we managed to stay relatively on message for this hour long break-out session, I'll have you know it was due to the wonder of technology. We mostly brainstormed on Twitter and Google chat, and created a shared PowerPoint on Google Drive. While adding to the presentation, you could see where someone else was adding to their part or doing some revising. It was simultaneously a magical and creepy experience.

Also, hilarious.
This presentation was one dear to my heart for a few reasons:
1) I got to present with some awesome librarians OBVIOUSLY
2) I was presenting literally in the ballroom where I will be standing as maid of honor in my sister's wedding this summer.
3. I spent the first 22 years of my life in Michigan (grew up in Downriver Detroit-- an area I can't describe in a few words so here's the Urban Dictionary definition-- and went to undergrad at Michigan State-- poor Sparty I love that GIF) and moved away after spending a year working in the ridiculousness that was DPS. It hurts my heart to know that 8 years later, libraries are (still) suffering. I was glad to do anything remotely resembling helping youth services librarians feel less stressed.

Anyway, what I loved the most about it was that we talked a bit about how we program, and then we let the attendees try it out for themselves. Their ideas were really good and can be found here.

In case our slides are too long to click through, here's the direct link to some great blogs and resources to help make your planning easier.
Happy programming!

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