Tuesday, March 05, 2013

I'm on a Trading Card

Make yours here.
You know you want to.
So as many of you have seen, I'm a 2013 Emerging Leader. I was sponsored by ASCLA, and so far this has been a great opportunity. I'll talk more about applying and stuff later (when I was applying, all the info I could find was "should I apply?" posts. I was going to anyway, and the resources I read presupposed that, if one were to apply, one would be accepted. Zero help in reality).

Because I have little time for upkeep on this blog right now and this will be mostly cut/paste, this post will focus on the burning question, "what was up with your trading card answers?" Here's what happened: They sent us all a bunch of questions, saying, "try to keep it short." What is short? Well, I had originally assumed a few words, but, well, I'm not sure any of my answers would get printed at all, or people who would read them would think I was somehow undeserving. So I'd add "real answers".Then they picked four answers from each of us to put on the backs of our cards. Let me state here plainly that I don't fault anyone but myself for how my card turned out, but I do want to share with you, my blog readers, what I really said; because I know for a fact that many of you were expecting something else, either more (debatably) humorous or more... anything, really! My candor is the cross I bear.

I get that my answers were long, but I would have loved to see one of my real answers substituted for the horribly redundant fact that my information focus mirrors my current field. Why are those 2 different answers? Who knows.

Anyway Notes are in italics:
I like my non-professional photo better:
Natural light, can adjust for chins, etc.
Name: Sara Bryce
Position title: Youth Services Librarian/Field Trip Adventure Coordinator
How many years/months have you worked at your library? 1 year 9 months (it'll be 2 years April 11!)
What are your goals as an Emerging Leader? For the amount of time I’ve been sitting on this question, I should probably say to be more deliberate in my goal-setting. The truth is I usually just try new things as I hear about them, if they interest me; it’s served me well. I do want to be active in ASCLA, my Emerging Leaders sponsor, as well as work toward making my library’s services more accessible to our unique population. (I was originally going to submit the 1st sentence on its own)
What is your primary information specialty? Children’s and Family Services (snorrrrre. Actually while getting my MLIS degree it was general studies, but I mean, I was NOT going to put that.)
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Nearly every position I've held has been one that I had not known existed 5 years prior. So, I would love to be doing something new and exciting—but, still in a public library. First of all, because I love my job; and secondly, because ten years of public service means student loan forgiveness, which I desperately need! (That answer--without the loan forgiveness part, I didn't even know that existed till I started here-- is my real answer I give in interviews, because it's completely true)
Fill in the blank: ______ is/are my favorite! Craft beer! The first thing I Googled when I found out I was an Emerging Leader, and going to ALA Midwinter, was “Seattle breweries.” If there were craft beer fanfiction I would read it. In fact, if no one steals that idea, I think I found a five-year goal. (This answer is the one I'm most disappointed they didn't use. For the record, my first fanfiction would be a Mary Sue co-starring Sam Calgione. Also, Big Time was my favorite; wish I'd had time to go back.)
Who’s your hero? Marge Loch-Wouters: Youth Services Manager in La Crosse, 2010 Wisconsin Librarian of the Year, and my boss. Since she’s my boss, however, I feel the need to pick a second hero. In that case: Tony Jaa, Thai martial artist and star of the Ong Bak trilogy. (okay, maybe I'm more disappointed they didn't use this one; Marge is remarkably like Tony Jaa in her kick-ass abilities)
I use this for 2nd grade book talks.
Also a classic.
What’s your favorite place in the library? The Youth Services desk! I love helping kids find the right kind of book, as well as seeing the look on parents’ faces when I suggest to their reluctant reader the perennial classic, “Zombie Butts from Uranus” by Andy Griffiths. (they used the first half of this one; which, funnily enough, sounds much more "stereotypical kid librarian" than the second half)
What author do you want to have dinner with? Ame Dyckman, author of “Boy + BOT.” After seeing a blog post in which I shared a stealth program using her book, she contacted me over Twitter and soon my library received enough awesome BOT bookmarks to retire any old 90s-style bookmarks we may have had. Our kid patrons are still rejoicing. (I also wish my Ame Dyckman shout-out were in there. Ame, your bookmarks were a HUGE hit at our last family night outreach!)
What inspired you to become a librarian? I love books! No, I’m joking. I love checking out DVDs for free! Actually, I fell into librarianship; a benefit of a job I held at at Florida State was that I got to take graduate classes for free. I decided on the MLIS program for its ability to build upon skills and experience I already had without pigeon-holing me into a specific profession, which was definitely helpful during my far-and-wide job search in 2010. (a completely uninspiring and true story. I almost just left it with the first two sentences.)
Name something that few colleagues know about you: My interest in reading waxes and wanes. At the moment, I will go to great lengths to avoid reading books, even ones I like. This Christmas I took “Code Name Verity” by Elizabeth Wein with me to my parents’ house, completely intent on reading it over my five-day stay. Instead, I downloaded an iPad app called Fluff Friends Rescue, and spent any free time adopting out virtual critters to fake celebrities. It was a stellar use of my vacation. (another completely true story. Many of my Wisconsin colleagues know a lot about me, so that's why I didn't include the following things:
1. I have a cat named Ashy Larry, named after the character in Chapelle's Show.
2. As a member of the Local Arrangements Committee, I hosted a Tweet Crawl (a pub crawl with tweeting) for the WLA conference 2012. All participants got a drinking glove, called a "texting glove". It was attended by over 70 people, including the the director of the association, who stayed until the last stop, and the conference chair. This is one of my career highlights thus far.
3. This was the only Youth Services position I applied for, but I'm glad I did. My cover letter was my origin story as a literacy superhero.)
What is your favorite social media tool? Why? I love Twitter for sharing new resources and helping with crowd-sourced reader’s advisory. I’ve been participating in #libchat since it started, and #saturdaylibrarian is a great hashtag to follow to feel like I’m not alone when I work the weekend. (oooobviously.)

Okay, so that's it. Thanks for reading! I promise to post something of value this month.


  1. OMG, thank you for this post. Lloyd and I both laughed so freaking hard...you are to blame that our guts are busted and I am sure an ambulance cannot get up this #^#^# snow-covered hill to get us help. Your voice in this post is just so there. Carry on, EL and literacy superhero, carry on!

  2. It's nice to get to know you more!

  3. Must check out #saturdaylibrarian. Oh and yay! for public service loan forgiveness!!! :)

  4. I've met a lot of awesome librarians through Saturday commiseration:)