Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Library Signage: Not Just for Bathrooms Anymore

Okay so here's one picture of food.
I was recently able, by the grace of my place of employment, a generous Emerging Leaders sponsorship by ASCLA, and my credit card, to attend ALA Midwinter in Seattle, WA. It was an awesome experience and as a good librarian I should probably write about it and should've Instagrammed all my meals and spent a longer time on the exhibit floor.

Or maybe write about how I'm enjoying Emerging Leaders and I'm humbled to have received such an honor and I'm sure many other people deserve recognition more than me, less than 2 years into my librarian career, and that sometimes gets me that Stupid Cat feeling again. Which is a good feeling, because it keeps me learning, always.

But I just want to share a couple pictures, mostly because I want my boss to see them and talk about them and this is probably the best format for the time being. The Seattle Public Library is an awesome space for a lot of things. What I focused on to bring back to my department was signage, because when focusing on space this might be cheapest-versus-most-beneficial thing to do. Also, I've been inspired by Storytime Katie's rules signage; small, well-communicated info gets everyone where we need to go.
So anyway: