Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Most Important Thing

Me teaching people euchre, 2005.
“The Most Important Thing is to: Have Fun.” –my mother, since forever
In the beginning of May I presented at the WisconsinAssociation of Public Libraries (WAPL)’s annual spring conference as part of a panel. Our panel consisted of three separate presentations. I was honored to present alongside Ashley Bieber of Rice Lake, and Shannon Barniskis of Lomira.

People have asked me how it went.
Well, I didn’t have a nervous breakdown. I wore proper attire to avoid profuse sweating. I guess those are pluses.  But you know what I end up saying the most?
“I had a lot of fun.”
Because I did. I got to tell my story about some cool stuff I did, and I really enjoyed myself. People were laughing and writing things down, each at intended places.
And most people chuckle in reply and say, “Well, I guess that’s all that matters.”

And it was then that I remembered my mother’s adage, which I heard through first days of school (no pictures, please) to cheerleader tryouts (I never made it) to job interviews (though after six months it pretty much had to change to: “The most important thing is to?” “Have fun. And get this job so I can make fucking money like a normal person and not have to drive 20 hours to move back in with my parents.” “That’s exactly right, baby.”)

And I thought to myself, “Yes. That is, actually, all that matters.”

Some people naturally take themselves very seriously. I am not one of them. When I'm too serious, as has been proven as recently as yesterday, I talk like a robot.