Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wanted: Early Literacy Librarian!

If you haven't already seen, Marge posted an ad for an Early Literacy Librarian, which I obviously think is the opportunity of a lifetime for Some Lucky Librarian. I mean, you get to work with me, after all, and I have it on good authority that I'm pretty awesome. As a cross-country transplant and a recent hire, I want to tell you about the reasons that you should apply:

1. La Crosse, WI, is one of the greatest places to live. I've lived in a lot of places, and this is one of those where I might need to live here for 10 years and that thought doesn't depress me. The people of La Crosse are so nice it's ridiculous, and in a real, genuine way. It's also beautiful. And then, there's also this.
This is the actual view from my back deck, taken with a phone.

2. You would have the freedom to try anything once. I'm not sure how other libraries are, but based on prior work experience, it seems few and far between that an employer will pretty much just let you do something and see if it works. Which is weird, because it would stand to reason that if you were hired, your professional discretion would be trusted to a point. Such is ACTUALLY THE CASE in my library's children's department; one of my most notable "let's-just-try"s being the Story Action Pod which I thought up in my first month of work; itended up being a pretty fun and engaging stealth program. Since then, as documented on this blog, I've been able to try any stupid thing that comes into my head. Oh, and on a similar "professional trust" theme, Marge volunteered me to speak at a local conference before I even started working for her.

3. "Hell or No Glory." What is literally the worst thing that could possibly happen, if you apply? You get rejected? Dude, people get rejected every day. You would get the job and have to move? So what? The interview process is a lot of work? I assure you, it's worth every second. Nothing is guaranteed unless you decide not to apply-- then, you know you WON'T get the job.
Bottom line: So what? Lock it Up.

4. You would get to work for Marge. Which, as I tell anyone who will ask or simply look in my general direction, is totally great. Her mentoring helped bring me from never actually working in a library before (unless you count the Tallahassee Community College Learning Commons which was technically part of the academic library) and  in less than two years I feel like a real librarian, and am on the path to being a good one, at that. What I'm saying is, if you're a librarian already, and are ready to GO, Marge is the person to work for. Because if she's doing what she can with what I'm giving her, I can only imagine what it'd be like if you started out knowing what you're doing.

But all of this is really just leading up to the real reason to apply for this job.

5. You would get to create the cutest program EVER-- All the time. Infant story times? Yes. Baby/toddler dance parties, sure. How about a toddler drive-in? All of these cutest programs EVER are planned and run by our Early Literacy Librarian. How will you outdo the cuteness? A Box of Puppies story time? A Toddler Sack Race in Marshmallows? See, I'm already out of ideas, because my brain isn't wired for cuteness.
I'm more like this instead.
If you ooze whimsy and magic, and are pumped to step up to the challenge of CONSTANT LIBRARY CUTENESS, you should totally apply for this job.

So, ready? You should be. Get back over to Marge's post and answer the call!
If you're still wavering, feel free to e-mail me (address located in the About Me tab) and I'll set you straight.


  1. Can I just say, I LOVE that you used a Joel McHale gif! It was nice to see his hotness while reading through library blogs! Good luck on your search! Whoever you hire will be one lucky person! :)

  2. Yes! I believe there's old adage that says, "If Donald Glover search results don't show, with Joel McHale you must go.":) Thanks for reading-- if you know anyone who might benefit from the job posting, please send it along!