Monday, August 06, 2012

This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things.

So maybe the title is a little over-dramatic. But I think I might be done with technology-based programming for K-5.

After the awesome book trailers that were made by three kids on a no-school day back in February, I decided to make 3 super-short Kid Vid Mondays during July. I thought, maybe they didn't come because it was beautiful in February. Maybe if I make it shorter, and in the summer, we'll create things like all those libraries I hear about with their fancy tech centers, wherever they are.

Attendance was... well:
Kid Vid #1: 4 kids
Kid Vid #2: 3 kids
Kid Vid #3: 4 kids

Not that it wasn't successful for the kids involved. Here's how it went down:
Kid Vid #1: I had the gaming room set up so that everyone could use their own computer. I introduced the kids to Xtranormal, and showed them how to make a video. Then I set them loose.
Toward the end, I asked them what they'd like to do next time in a desperate attempt to entrap them in a verbal contract to come back next time.

Some decided they wanted to be in front of the camera. Others hated that idea. If I didn't think fast, I would lose them all.

I told them we would make sets and stories with LEGO. This satiated everyone involved, including any children in the zip code whose ears are specially tuned to anyone who says "LEGO" in a 5 mile radius. But of course, like the Bat Signal, this call was ignored by anyone who could've added any value to the situation.

But whatever. We totally didn't need them. Not them, or anybody. As you can tell I'm super over it.

Kid Vid #2:  The kids made hilarious videos in a ridiculously short amount of time. We used the library's Flip camera as well as my personal Sony Bloggie, which I actually had gotten from Groupon with the expressed purpose of taking it to Florida with me in September and make everyone feel their jealousy in HD.
Actual photo of St George Island by Jeff Oliver
Yeah. I win at vacations.
Kid Vid #3: I put together a playlist that included the kids' videos (with editing by me for continuity) as well as a few Pixar shorts for fun. You find it in all its glory here. We watched them on the projector in the story room.

So, the program actually went okay. I actually didn't even put in too much time, but anything is too much for 3 kids, you know? I might wax philosophical about why this didn't work, but for now I'm content to say that I'll be leaning away from tech programming for a while.

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