Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Story Action Pod: Dream Big Edition

 For the Summer Reading Program kick-off this year, I pretty much lucked the eff out by finding a book that not only has a rocket on the cover, it ALSO talks about dreaming "big": "I Could Be, You Could Be" by Karen Owen. Is it the greatest text in the world? No. But does it inspire the most no-brainer Story Action Pod in the world?


I'm not denying that this looks eeriely close to #1 in my "Do Not Run This Program" post. But, here we are. Happy summer.

The Story Action Pod has only three directions:
1. Read "I Could Be, You Could Be"
2. Ask at the desk for colored pencils (this discourages mindless scribbling; we make it clear that these are not coloring pages)
3. Write or draw what you could be (most kids do both, but it's important that kids know that they don't have to know how to write or spell in order to do the activity. It makes them feel welcome in their space)

Like last year, we are inviting the kids to turn in their ideas to make a book at the end of the summer. Also, like last year, we're counting it as a "special game" for them to check off on their reading logs. Unlike last year, I have an additional hip hop song I want played at my wedding.

Here's some great ideas we've already received:

Sorry for the horrible cropping job, but I had to crop out her full name
(leave it to future teachers to be thorough!)
Complete with a club with spikes
If you've never wanted to be a dolphin you're a liar.
Though this Story Action Pod isn't yet posted with our others for easy download, I will gladly send you the files I have for this ridiculously simple SLP-themed stealth program that will give your staff quite a few smiles along the way!

Comment below with your email, or email me at the address posted in my "about me" page and we'll get you going!

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