Friday, June 22, 2012

Alienology: an SLP-themed -ology Spectacular

Of course, being me, my first Summer Reading Program installment-- one of my contributions to our Warp-Speed Astro-Adventures series, a twice weekly program that pretty much is the entirety of my superviser's Pinterest board separated into various 30-45 minute nuggets of fun-- was Aliens. I started with the idea of Alienology due to the success of my mid-winter Wednesday-ology program, and ran from there. 29 kids showed up, and had a great time!

Here's what we did, for easy replicating purposes:

1. Read to them from "Jacob Wonderbar and the Cosmic Space Kapow." It was checked out during the program (score!) so I can't tell you the exact pages, but it was the ten pages or so surrounding the exchange of a spaceship for a corn-dog. I paraphrased a bit of it, because the text kind of reads quick-quick-slooow. I took dramatic pauses before the good parts so everyone would listen up. Which is a good technique for talking to groups of kids anytime ever.

2. Share with them the Top Ten Things to Remember When you Meet Aliens. I got these from this list on listverse. If you had older kids (think 8-12; I expected ages 4-10 and I did get that), you can go with this list. Everyone loves a good top ten list! I changed the wording so it was kid friendly (ie, "don't be mean" rather than "don't be threatening", etc) as well as the explanations. I wrote them on ten pieces of construction paper beforehand so I could flip each one as we counted down.

3. Set them loose on whatever craft materials you can find: paper, markers, even old SLP prizes (we had leftover weird wooden ships). Put on some Recess Monkey Final Funktier for inspiration and get outta the way!

Ten Tips for Meeting Aliens #2: Get Proof!

With Optimus Prime and a gummy candy Sis Cat, this is the youngest fanboy ever.


  1. Thank you!!!! I had a presenter cancel at the last minute due to a medical emergency, and I was able to pull something together in part because of your ideas! I also added a Lego station (for building UFOs) and a RoyalCo straw station, and told some space jokes.

  2. Wahoo! Great to be of service. Glad to hear it went well. Jokes are always an awesome addition, as well as Legos!