Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The NASA/Madison Concurrence

Dispel all Mars misconceptions. I dare you.
I'm writing this post from Great Dane Brewpub, waiting for my fiancee to get done with a tasting he's doing at a Madison grocery store. He's had 3 in the past two days, which is cool, because I'm also in Madison.

Why am I in Madison, you ask, with bated breath.

Thanks for asking. I participated in the Explore: Life on Mars? workshop presented by the Lunar and Planetary Institute at the U-W Geology Museum!

It was awesome! Not only did I get to satiate my festering obsession with museums, but I'm coming back to work tomorrow with a binder full of ready-made ideas to include in my summer reading program.

SPOILER: We're totally making aliens at our Alienology program!

I completely got geeky starstruck and probably totally embarrassed Amanda Struckmeyer; but I did a program literally two days ago that was entirely inspired by her book.

I also completely geeked out starstruck because it turned out, while hanging out at Old Fashioned Restaurant where I had the most ridiculous burger, Caleb and I discovered we were sitting next to Tim Tynan, one of the directors of the upcoming Comeback, a widely (okay, on Twitter) anticipated documentary about the Wisconsin craft beer community. We got in a crazy discussion about beer, and he commented multiple times that I knew my stuff. I literally could have died, but I'm glad that I didn't, because then I would miss the UW Geology Museum tour this morning.

Some things I learned at this workshop:
1) Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. The Mecha-Monkeys from Mars is shockingly accurate in its depiction of Mars. And, it's high-interest.

2) I need to get business cards with my blog on it. It was awesome to share ideas with colleagues, then be like, "Oh yeah, it's completely written up online." Besides being a deviant tense in School Language, my address also does not have an apostrophe in it. Might be easier just to say, "here's my blog." and on the card it'll say, in red letters, "SORRY ABOUT THE NAME. BLAME MY IDIOLECT."

3. Large land-living dinosaurs may have given live birth. WUT.

"Here, Mullet. Your knee pad can help hide my baby bump."
4. There's an animal, called the Opabinia, that has no known descendents. It had five eyes and teeth at the end of a trunk.

Now that your mind and mine are equally blown, it's time to head back to La Crosse.

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