Friday, April 27, 2012

Field Trip Adventure Updates!

Adventure, Jamie! Adventure!
Well folks, I am flying high from the outpouring of support my library has gotten for our tours FIELD TRIP ADVENTURES! the past few weeks.

Dog's Colorful Day
I've had quite a few people decide to bring the preschool field trip to their libraries. A librarian in Pennsylvania recently scheduled three tours, and was going to write back to me about them after that. But, after a ridiculously successful first tour, she couldn't wait! She added a very cute idea where the last dot is the book drop, and kids use the book drop to obtain their last dot.

Danica is also oddly reminiscent of characters from my childhood.
We also got quite a few thank-you cards from various preschools/daycares who have been on the field trip, and these are the images you see littered about this post (except for the first picture. That's from Disney's 1986 made-for-TV movie "The Fluppy Dogs." My dad taped it when there was a free Disney weekend, and my siblings and I literally watched it until the tape broke).

Library Stars
Last night the Youth Services Manager went to a local family literacy night, and the teachers there raved about the Library Stars!

a two-year-old "thank you"

AND.... Wait for it....
We actually might have some promise for continued funding of the program (ie, no more year-to-year grants)! Also, there's some interest in doing something similar for middle schoolers!

Hooray for partnering with the schools and getting awesome results!

New Preschool Adventure: Pete the Cat!
We've been discussing next year's field trip. We didn't do Dog's Colorful Day too often, but why not change it up in case the same kids come again? We're going to use the same color dot concept using the the awesome upcoming book, "Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons". Just tell me this wouldn't get stuck in your head!:

I'm super excited!!
Look at our fancy hats!

Calling All Field Trip Adventurers!
Are you using a field trip adventure in your library? Comment or e-mail me about it! I'm looking to make a compilation post; pictures would be great too!

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