Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Two committees, one unanimous conclusion

Typical  Saturday for me at Pearl Street Brewery, my fiancee's work.

I have two passions: kids' literacy, and craft beer.

Though they may seem different, they aren't so much at all. Getting a kid to read is like the beer industry: it takes hard work, a lot of heart, is usually thankless, and for the most part is the reason to drink at the end of the day. People from the outside think it's fun/easy, and people on the inside form fast friendships. And even political opinions are similar: there are people who have faith that all can succeed, and others who believe that some people deserve to get a shot at success while others don't ("survival of the fittest" also equals, in a whole lot of cases, "survival of the richest"). There are people who ride on the latest craze, those who hang on the the traditional, and those in the middle.

But most of all, they're both labors of love.

So it's with this that I discuss the winners of two selection committees I was on in 2011:


And of course, as you can see, these committees came to the same conclusion...

No? Well, let's take a closer look.

Photo Source: iTunes App Store

Most Eligible Bachelor of Beer Winner: Colin Presby, Cellarman,Weyerbacher Brewing Company
Photo Source, Weyerbacher via Drink with the Wench

Conclusion: No matter what your industry, no voters can resist the lovable and furry.

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