Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Edition part 2: Video Games

I hope everyone had a good SteaksThanksgiving! I personally was sucked into reading 200 pages of Hunger Games. I have no idea what I did to deserve this new obsession, but I am very, very sorry for it. All I can think about is going home and finishing the book.
(Librarian PROTIP: If you want to read a book that's insanely popular, don't just reserve the main copy. Search the library database or ask your librarian for specifically the large-print copy. You'll get it ten times quicker.)

As promised, however, I've managed to compiled a gory bloodbath Cornucopia of video games and book apps for the tech-savvy child in your life. Ones that won't turn your favorite school-ager into a prostitute beating, car stealing, chainsaw-wielding soldier of vigilante madness. Virtually. If you're concerned about that sort of thing. Virtually.

2nd grade portrait.
 At any rate, here's a list of video games that your mini-gamer might enjoy.  Many of them are, in fact, kind of old, but if they're new to your kid, the price is right!
Most games are available for every popular console. 

Any LEGO games: Star Wars, Batman, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter:
LEGO are experiencing a resurgence right now, and their video game counterparts are just as fun. These video games take classic movies and tell them only as LEGO can, with no dialogue, good humor, and clean fun. Characters don't die, they're just scattered about into individual LEGOs. Right now, the entire LEGO Star Wars saga (three games) is just $16.96 on Amazon.

 Viva PiƱata ($14.95):
This super-cute game allows you to create your own garden, and invite lots of cute animals to come live there.  The player can name everything, from their garden to every animal who visits or is born inside of it (animals make babies by doing these hilarious dances together and completing a mini-game. Super awesome).

Sonic Generations ($46.92):
Believe it or not, Sonic is still around and still popular with kids. I know you're thinking, holy cow, why is that one so expensive?! It's because it's brand new, and I'm sure your mini-gamer knows it just came out.

Toy Story 3 ($9.99):
That cheap enough for you?

Brutal Legend ($8.90)
This title says it's rated Mature, but having played it myself I do know there is an option for clean language throughout the game, which would at least make it Teen if not Everyone 10+. One to definitely consider for that hard-to-buy for age, 11-12.

Book Apps:
Here's also my some books I'm really liking so far for iPad Book Apps. You can buy them as a gift, and have Santa download them on Christmas Eve!

Perfect for your little one right before bed! It's got a read-aloud feature and interactive elements that really bring the story to life without being too stimulating.


Great for the school-ager who wants to know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING. HD makes the awesome pictures from the book even more exciting. Lots of info here, but who doesn't want to learn about weird looking ocean creatures?


Okay, so this is more a nostalgic choice than a technical one, but remember this book? Remember how Grover would be all like,don't turn the page! And then he'd build these barriers that you weren't supposed to be able to get through but you just turned the page? With this app you can actually interact with the book the way you imagined you were before. Screw the kids, get this one for yourself!

Okay, now that all of your shopping's done for the school kids in your life, now it's time to use the money you saved to go to happy hour. Cheers!

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