Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Consumerism at its Finest, and iPad Book Apps

But that iPad earned me $7.63 in cash back rewards...
Take THAT!
Have I told you I have an iPad? I have an iPad, which I will own fully in 4 more easy payments of $100.

I've been informed that, for some reason, when I applied to be a panelist for the Children's and YA Bloggers' Literary Awards in the category of book apps for iPad they actually didn't laugh, scoff, or point (well, at least they didn't scoff). Because guess what? I'm a first round judge! And I'm ridiculously excited. And it's sent some more traffic to this blog. To satiate your fears, here are some examples of things I've written. Or added to considerably.
Because I get it. Most of you are probably like, who let in the girl who includes pictures of the Late, Great, Randy Savage in her very short yet incredibly opinionated book reviews?

Someone who thinks of Cybill Shepard the dragon, that's who.
And then you might be like, oh look, a Kids in the Hall sketch.

So welcome, new visitors. I hope you're not too disappointed in what I can contribute. And believe me, I am probably as shocked as you are.

Here's actually something interesting that I found recently, linking iPad apps to Bloom's Taxanomy.

Even though I'll probably be thinking about Webb's Depth of Knowledge as I review.

......Because everyone knows that Bloom is soooooo nineties.
Because, you know.

Actually now that  I think about it, I make things like the above picture like other people make flash cards. Like, here's some that replicate pictures I made a few years ago:
(The Question-Answer Relationship instructional approach was created by Taffy Raphael in 1982)

S. Jay Samuels introduced the word "automaticity" to the literacy world in 1995.

 Anyway.This should clearly be the end of my post.

**Don't forget to nominate your favorite books and book apps this year at the Cybils website starting Oct 1!**

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