Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bryce Don't Play Don't Change

This was taken at my library.
There's some IN THE BOAT, just you wait.
(by Fornear Photo)
Soooo this past weekend I went and got married. We crafted it, from beginning to end, to make sure everyone there enjoyed themselves but also were invited into our heads (for better or for worse).

I decided to change my name on all but the most legal sticky stuff (that shizz is so expensive and red-tapey in Wisconsin, y'all), taking my new husband's last name as an extension of my own. This is a deeply personal decision and one that has taken me a long, long, time to make. My final trepidation with the change was whether or not I'd be honoring my feminist views; or, more specifically, if other people thought I was a good feminist. But then I read this post on Offbeat Bride and I felt better about it. After a few days though, I feel like I really made the right decision for me.

As many of you know, however, my last name is the first word of this blog's title. After 3 years, I'm not about to re-brand, so I decided that I'll be keeping it.


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Library Sponsored Public LEGO Track at the Pinewood Derby!

So last summer we were able to partner with the Boy Scouts to bring in a Pinewood Derby track for our LEGO Chima party. The next logically awesome step was to create a free track at the Pinewood Derby, JUST for LEGO cars!

The last time I attended a Pinewood Derby was sometime in grade school, so I knew nothing of the magnitude of today's races-- this was at the mall and there were computers to calculate exact times and everything! There were upwards of a hundred Boy Scouts and their families there from the surrounding counties (we're a city of 50,000 people, but we're the largest city for at least 2 hours on the freeway in any direction). The enthusiasm was contagious.