Friday, June 22, 2012

Alienology: an SLP-themed -ology Spectacular

Of course, being me, my first Summer Reading Program installment-- one of my contributions to our Warp-Speed Astro-Adventures series, a twice weekly program that pretty much is the entirety of my superviser's Pinterest board separated into various 30-45 minute nuggets of fun-- was Aliens. I started with the idea of Alienology due to the success of my mid-winter Wednesday-ology program, and ran from there. 29 kids showed up, and had a great time!

Here's what we did, for easy replicating purposes:

1. Read to them from "Jacob Wonderbar and the Cosmic Space Kapow." It was checked out during the program (score!) so I can't tell you the exact pages, but it was the ten pages or so surrounding the exchange of a spaceship for a corn-dog. I paraphrased a bit of it, because the text kind of reads quick-quick-slooow. I took dramatic pauses before the good parts so everyone would listen up. Which is a good technique for talking to groups of kids anytime ever.

2. Share with them the Top Ten Things to Remember When you Meet Aliens. I got these from this list on listverse. If you had older kids (think 8-12; I expected ages 4-10 and I did get that), you can go with this list. Everyone loves a good top ten list! I changed the wording so it was kid friendly (ie, "don't be mean" rather than "don't be threatening", etc) as well as the explanations. I wrote them on ten pieces of construction paper beforehand so I could flip each one as we counted down.

3. Set them loose on whatever craft materials you can find: paper, markers, even old SLP prizes (we had leftover weird wooden ships). Put on some Recess Monkey Final Funktier for inspiration and get outta the way!

Ten Tips for Meeting Aliens #2: Get Proof!

With Optimus Prime and a gummy candy Sis Cat, this is the youngest fanboy ever.